The advantages of weed edible legalization in Canada

Cannabis, which is also known as marijuana, has many uses, which are both medical and even recreational. Its purpose is believed to have several benefits to the human body functions High THC of Canada Cannabis can be administered in several forms that include tinctures, vaporization, smoking, or even in edibles. Whichever the method of using, research is showing that the legalization of the use of the herb can have some advantages. In Canada, the legalization of weed edibles has several benefits that include the following:

Dismantling of the black market
For a long time, it’s only in the black market where one could find marijuana, which led to an increase in criminal activities. Some of the dealers in cannabis have ties with terror groupings in other countries, which may pose threats to the whole country. Legalization of marijuana either puts the cartels out of business or makes them go legal. 

Improvement of quality and safety control
Legalization of marijuana creates a set of standards for quality and safety control, which means less burden on the medical system. There is also less risk of severe problems due to overdoses of marijuana.

Increase in tax revenue
The legalization of weed edibles leads to an increase in revenue in terms of tax from legal sales. The money from the business can be used to fix roads, fund projects, improvement of schools, among other uses.
Availability of medicinal Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis has extensive usage in the treatment of conditions such as epilepsy, migraines, post-traumatic stress disorders, cancer, anxiety, chronic pain, seizures among several others. The availability of medicinal cannabis legally would improvement on health and less straining of the healthcare systems.

Reduction of drug-related gang violence
The legalization of cannabis use would lead to a decrease in drug-related violence commonly caused by disputes between the dealers. When made legal, groups involved in a dispute can move to the police to seek justice, unlike when it is illegal since they settle the dispute amongst themselves hence leading to violence.

Allows police and courts to focus on more serious crimes
Legalizing cannabis use would increase revenue to the government as well as provide the police and courts more time to focus on other crimes. Many times the police and the courts spend a lot of time handling cases related to marijuana use and possession. Illegal use of marijuana also means flooding of the correctional facilities since there are so many users. If made legal, the prison would have less capacity, which will translate on fewer funds that are used to cater to the offenders. 

Legalizing cannabis in Canada has both pros and cons; it is essential to weigh them to see which ones are more. More research is also a recommendation before clearly deciding whether to go legal or not on the use of this drug.