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 What are the Interesting Effects of CBD oil on the immune system?

CBD oil has been researched for its therapeutic qualities and its natural treatment. CBD oil uses to build the immune system is widely researched and has had great advances in the medical field. In addition, you can use CBD Oils in various forms like supplements, lotions, drinks, and foods.

3 Main CBD Oil uses to build the immune system.

For Pain: CBD is used as a pain treatment. CBD has been seen to help in reducing inflammation in the endocannabinoid system, which regulates functions like pain, sleep, mood, and immune system. People suffering from chronic pain have noted that they have gotten relief from pain and improved their quality of life. 

To be healthy, you must have enough sleep; recommended is 6 to 8 hours a night. CBD oils have relaxing components that can help in sleeping. CBD has soothing effects that help you get a goodnight’s sleep. 

For Anxiety and depression: CBD oil is a natural product used as an anti-depressant that is preferred because it has fewer side effects than the conventional treatment for Anxiety and depression. 

Cancer treatment: CBD helps with cancer treatment with many adverse side effects. However, CBD oils have to reduce the effects of chemotherapy like reduced nausea, pain, and vomiting.

Below are some factors you must consider when getting CBD oils.

CBD oil uses to build the immune system depends on the proper use of CBD oils which is why when choosing CBD oil, you must consider the quality of the oil, extracted with CO2. Grown in highly organic soils; well labeled packaged products and good brands. 

Packaging for CBD oils is oil bottles that must indicate the quantity of CBD in each drop. The amount of the dose depends on your weight, medical condition, and concentration of CBD in the oil.

Type of CBD oils 

CBD Oil exist in 3 types; Broad spectrum, Full-spectrum, and CBD isolates. 

The full spectrum has elements like cannabinoids, terpene, flavonoids, and other substances. Broad and isolates may have some features removed, especially if you are allergic to one of the elements. 


CBD oil uses to build the immune system has been credited with benefiting from CBD oil. However, since CBD is still under research, it’s advised to take CBD in small doses and increase it gradually depending on the quality.

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Comparison between CBD and THC Experience and Their Benefits


CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) are compounds occurring naturally in the cannabis Sativa plant. THC and CBD are the most prominent cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. Both Hemp and Marijuana produce THC and CBD, but cannabis is richer in CBD, whereas Hemp has higher concentrations of THC.  

What is the difference between CBD and THC? 

THC and CBD have varying chemical arrangements, and the body ingests them as different compounds. THC and CBD bond to the brain neurotransmitters, thus affecting the body’s biological functions, which include; memory loss, sleep, and pain. Comparing CBD vs THC experience, the main distinction between them is, CBD does not have psychoactive effects as THC, which is the high characteristic cause of marijuana.  

Medical benefits  

Apart from comparing CBD vs THC experience, they both communicate with the body’s psychological system endocannabinoid, which is involved in human health establishment and maintenance. Endocannabinoid plays a big role by regulating many body processes and functions, including appetite, mood, reproduction, fertility, and sleep. Despite both interacting with endocannabinoid systems, they have distinct properties with varying medicinal benefits.  

CBD benefits 

CBD is associated with many health benefits. It establishes a connection to the body’s cannabinoid receptors; thus, as per reports of people, it is known to treat the body’s complex problems such as sclerosis, cancer Crohn’s disease, and arthritis. And it can also treat mild issues such as brain health l, anxiety, general pain, and sleep. CBD is taken as capsules.  

THC benefits  

Many states have legalized medicinal marijuana, meaning there must be a doctor’s prescription for one to use it. THC potentially treats glaucoma, insomnia, and low appetite. It also treats anxiety, nausea, and also pain. THC compound is safer as compared to drugs like opiates and nicotine. From a pharmacological perspective, THC is not a dangerous substance.  

Side effects 

 When comparing CBD vs THC experience, which one is likely to have more side effects? CBD does not exhibit any noticeable side effects even when consumed in large amounts. According to the World Health Organisation’s research, all patients tolerated CBD with zero signs of toxicity. If there were any, it was due to the interaction of CBD with drugs in the body.  

THC has few known side effects such as slower reaction time, coordination problems, memory loss, red eyes, increased heart rate, and dry mouth. These effects are a result of the drug’s psychoactive properties.  


To conclude, before using CBD or THC, it is very important to check and examine how these drugs will affect other medications. People must familiarise themselves with the laws before obtaining CBD or THC for use. The importance of this is that both CBD and THC are still illegal and only used for medication and recreation.  

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CBD Use to Treat Pain and its benefits

CBD is a compound found in psilocybin and is used for the treatment of pain. The cannabidiol is generally believed to be psycho-passive and does not excite the mind to act irresponsibly. Its counterpart, THC, also known as tetrahydrocannabinol which is very sensitive to the psyche is the main source of mental excitement.  

The Use of CBD to treat pain  

CBD is indicated for the treatment of several conditions including pain reduction in patients with chronic diseases. According to medical records from past research projects, CBD works with ECS-Endocannabinoid receptors in the brain and immune system. These receptors attach themselves to your cells and since they are very tiny proteins, they can hold to the cells and be absorbed. They receive chemical signals and helps the brain to process the information contained in the signal and send it back.  

When a pain signal is received by these cells, they are processed and the brain through the induced antidepressant nature of psilocybin compound will attempt to reduce the effects of that pain. Psilocybin compound contains antidepressants in large quantities and just a small dose can act quickly to correct all the feeling of pain. This the reason why cancer patients accepted the treatment as a way of reducing chronic pain.  

What Types of Pain Does Psilocybin Treat? 

Cancer Pain 

The magic Mushroom extract Cannabidiol was used in Canada in August 2020 in which cancer patients reaped amazing benefits. Doctor Stephen Ross later wrote that he was overjoyed when he saw cancer patients who were too sick getting back after taking the psilocybin dose.  

Neuropathic pain 

Psilocybin compound from the magic mushroom is used in the treatment of neuropathic pain. What is neuropathic pain? This is pain resulting from the damage to nerves that transfer information from one end to another. Nerve pains are very painful and are chronic by nature. Nerve pains pierce the affected areas very painfully and can be very traumatising. With the once vilified substance used as a first-line treatment, neuropathic go away fast, leaving a patient better and stable.  


This is a health disorder in which one is pestered with severe musculoskeletal pain that is chronic and numbing. Psilocybin has been used effectively in the treatment of fibromyalgia. The drug penetrates the muscular tissue structure fast, reducing the feeling of pain almost instantly. Psilocybin, though a natural remedy, is a very active solution to fibromyalgia condition.  

Arthritis Relief 

CBD is useful in the relief of joint inflammation and has been used successfully in many patients.  

CBD, therefore, is a very important pain relief to numerous ailments which is why it is becoming very essential by the day. More campaigns are being waged to help decriminalize this so important compound and already countries like Canada have granted the needed permission to use it for medical purposes. 


Marijuana or what most people mention as weed refers to a plant, cannabis, which is a hallucinogen that is used for various reasons and usually absorbed in the body in various ways including smoking and vaping etc. It contains TCH (tetrahyrocannibol) and CBD (cannabidiol) ingredients that are otherwise the cause of effects in the consumer’s body, emotions, mind etc. 

In most cases the major ways in which it is taken in the body is through smoking and a new way that has now become popular is through vaping. We therefore need to understand how these two ways of intake work, how they affect the consumer, there basic differences, and the health issues that they apply on a person’s body. 

Smoking weed usually involves using the dried parts of the plants or the decoction, which are usually folded in a paper preferably that of a cigarette into a joint. But this is the not the only way, some people use pipes or what are commonly referred to as bongs to smoke. Many people prefer having it mixed with tobacco to make it have less power on them. 

However, vaping somehow differs from smoking in a few ways. Here the consumer uses concentrates or dry plants that have been ground into tiny particles. The use of the electric vaping cigarettes and vape pens are applied to take in the extracts. Unlike smoking, the consumer who engages in vaping uses concentrated marijuana that is more potent to the body and the effects are usually stronger. You might be asking yourself which of the two ways can make a consumer higher. Well, the answer is vaping, this is because it is more potent due to the extracts and the concentration. 

Smoking and vaping cause various side effects to the consumer that mostly lead to health problems and other conditions. Although the health conditions related to vaping and other effects that it may cause are not established well due to its recent use, a few of the issues related to it are known. 

Smoking usually causes a higher risk of lung exposure to tar that may lead to adverse health effects like chronic bronchitis, excess coughing, rise in the lower respiratory tract infections, it may also cause weakening of the immune system, heart failures among many more. 

On the other hand, vaping also leads to deficiency of the lungs due to inhaling of the heated oil in the electronic cigarettes from the extracts that contains TCH ingredients. Other vaping products contain Vitamin E acetate that causes injury to the lungs and is therefore very dangerous. Once a consumer gets used to it or in the case of a beginner, there can be very many effects that mostly target the lungs and cause harm on it, and if conditions worsen it could lead to death. 

We can therefore state that there is no better way of taking in weed to prevent the above effects, but the conclusion can be based on the fact that vaping could be more dangerous according to the comparison done in the article. 

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Legalized the use of marijuana

Most countries have legalized the use of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. This has led to the increase in the sales of the strains and therefore expanding the cannabis industry. Some of the best-selling stains of cannabis sativa include: 

Kush Mints 

The breeder of this strain is Seed Junky. The strain is a cross breed between Bubba Kush and animal mints and a hybrid of sativa and Indica genetics. Its characteristics include: 

  • Its aroma is very pleasing and its flavor is like that of coffee 
  • It gives a super minty taste with a touch of fresh coffee  
  • It provides the user with a relaxing and calming feeling 
  • It helps relieve chronic fatigue 
  • It helps relieve depression 
  • It helps reduce chronic pain 

Purple Haze 

It is one of the most known with 15% Indica and 85% Sativa. It is a cross of Purple Thai and Haze Strain. It has been named after the song ‘Purple Haze’ by Jimi Hendrix. Its characteristics include: 

  • It is layered with both violet hairs and milky trichomes  
  • Its aroma is like that of berries (earthly)   
  • It has a trace of sweetness and its flavor is very spicy 
  • It helps relieve conditions like: depression, nausea, chronic pain, PTSD, migraine, stress, asthma and fatigue, 

Sour Diesel 

It is also known as Sour D. Although its origin is unknown, it is believed that the ancestry of this strain is from the Skunk and Chemdawg strains. Its features include: 

  • Its odor is like that of gasoline and its smell is like that of an orange 
  • It has an earthly taste and flavor of a lemon 
  • It is used to treat depression 
  • It is used to treat nausea 
  • It provides focus and energy to the user 

Forbidden fruit 

This fruit is a cross breed between Tangie and the Cherry pie strains. It is dominated by the Indica plant. 

It is characterized by: 

  • Its bud is very delicious and tasty  
  • It has a fruity and lemony taste that is loved by everybody 
  • It has a euphoric effect that improves the mood of the user 
  • It has a high THC levels between 23-26% 

Blue dream 

This Is dorminated by sativa and results from crossing Haze and Blueberry. It is characterized by: 

  • It has an effect of making users feel joyful, elevated and calm 
  • It is flavored with berries 
  • It has high levels of THC between 17-24% 
  • It helps relieve conditions such as: chronic pain, stress and depression 


This is a strain dominant in Indica (55% Indica and 45% Sativa). It is a cross breed of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sun Sherbet. Its features include: 

  • Its buds have thick dark green wood nugs and its resin droplets are clear 
  • Its aroma is a combination of lavender and citrus berry 
  • Its flavor is like that of an orange and fruit blue berry that is sweet sherbet 
  • It has a relaxing and calm effect to its users 
  • It helps relieve conditions like: fibromyalgia, appetite loss, PTSD, insomnia, Muscle spasms, inflammation, depression, chronic pain, headache, fatigue, and bi-polar disorder 

Green Crack 

Sativa is dominant in Green Crack the and is a highly addictive strain. It is named after the snoop Dogg rapper. It is common in the Pacific Northwest, Arizona, Colorado, and California, its features include: 

  • Its buds are thick and compact 
  • Its aroma and flavor is like that of a citrus and a mango 
  • It can be used to relieve conditions like: PTSD, migraine, depression, pain, bi-polar disorder, anxiety and autism 

Way Forward 

Although those are the best-selling cannabis strains in the market currently, it is highly recommended that when choosing the strain for you, you should consider your own tastes, preferences and needs rather than relying on the ones that are most prevalent. 

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