Steps Taken in Tackling Canada’s Cannabis Shortage

The higher rate of Canada’s shortage in Cannabis leads to actions that the Government took to curb the deficit. The outcry of the people and patients using cannabis made the Government look ways in which it can increase the production of the crop in the Country. The Canadian Government came up with regulations and policies that enacted to increase the production and supply in the whole Country buy cannabis online from The following steps were taken by the Government to curb Canada’s cannabis shortage.

Legalization of cannabis 

Through the Canadian parliament, where laws formed, the Government established a law that makes a plantation, selling, and using cannabis legally. The bill passed in the parliament and later signed into law by the president. The legalisation was a breakthrough to farmers and users as the law gives them the mandate to use it. The production has seen rise, and sores now do not lack the products. Major hospitals and dispensaries in Canada now have enough supply of the product, therefore, conducting the smooth operation of their services. The legalisation also has seen an increase in the export of cannabis, improving the lives of the farmers, and earning the Government taxes.

Lands leasing by the Government

The Government has started leasing its land to a private organization that practices the cannabis cultivation. The main target for the Government to increase the production rate of the cannabis and the non-governmental organisation can do well in the production. Production of marijuana on Government lands assures the investors of security and higher output. The Government, therefore, earns duty through leasing and collects tax through the exportation of cannabis to other Countries. The rental of land is a bold step taken to solve Canada’s cannabis shortage.

Reduction of tax on cannabis products

In the law that passed, the Government implemented a clause that favours cannabis products from huge charges. The charge taken by the State is smaller compared to charges paid earlier before the legalisation of the product. The reaction on the tax has seen an increase in the production of the cannabis, thus increasing the supply in both local markets and International markets. People can now produce more than enough products without fearing the losses in terms of higher taxes taken by the State.


The Government intervention in Canada’s cannabis shortage has seen a difference in the production of the product. The production rate is higher, and Canada now exports more cannabis and have enough cannabis in their stores and hospitals compared to the past years. The legalisation of marijuana made people venture into it, and the users increased the usage without any fear of arrest. The land leasing by the Government has made the potential investors venture into cannabis farming providing employment opportunities and tax to the Government. The Government, also a reduction in charge of the cannabis, is a plus to those who export and sell the product locally. The steps were taken by Canada’s Government to increase the production of cannabis have borne fruits.