It is amazing the number of ways you can plug into the cannabis stock craze outside just the cultivating and distributing of the product. Although there are many marijuana growers all around and it has been a great go to, there are several other ways you can invest in the trade under the same umbrella. These include;  

Biotechnology companies; their main focus is on the pharmaceutical aspects of the trade where they develop cannabis treatment products to target ailments. 

Holding companies; theses are businesses that basically own a number of voting shares in a couple of cannabis companies which allows them to have great influence in the affairs of the companies they hold. 

Organic firms; businesses that provide organically grown cannabis to other companies or sell to consumers directly. They rely on the demand for these organic products to grow the business. 

Ancillary services and products; most cannabis related sales are blocked by government regulations and taxation but not so much the ancillary services. These are businesses that offer products that support the cannabis industry and its consumers without having come into contact with the plant. These are products such as laboratories that test cannabis products, tech start-ups, accessories such as breathalysers, insurance to producers, and cannabis media and information services. 

Agriculture technology; this is focused on supporting the development and advancement of equipment required to cultivate cannabis. As more exploration is being done in new territories, considerations on the infrastructure, climate and other factors have to be taken into consideration which has enabled the advancement of agricultural technology such as green house machinery, fertilizers, improved lighting systems and alike. 

Cannabis products and extracts; these includes businesses that sell cannabidiol products. Some common products include online dispensary Canada

Topicals; CBD infused oils, creams and lotions that are used directly on hair, nails, and skincare products and also in massage products as well. 

Edibles; this includes range of products that we eat or drink such as chocolates. They take around 20 minutes to four hours to take effect. 

Vaping products such as e-cigarettes, which involve inhaling a vaporised liquid that contains CBD oil. 

Pills and capsules which look similar to drugs found in drugstores. They typically contain CBD oil and are ingested orally. 

Consulting services; industries that answer to the complications of rules and regulations that surround cannabis in its different jurisdictions. They provide services that may assist with licensing and/or advising on operational processes. 

Industrial hemp: Businesses that provide products using industrial hemp, which is different than cannabis and may have numerous applications and uses, including creating consumer products like paper and clothing, as well as building materials, fuel and foods. 

Cultivation and retail; the very well-known types of businesses that most people think of diving into when we talk about growing and selling in the cannabis industry. 

These are but a few of the different ways that one can invest in when in comes to cannabis stock. Given all these emerging opportunities, you can choose one or opt to invest in a few different ones to increase your chances in the profit margin.