How to consume Edibles safely

Edibles are foods or drinks that contain cannabis extract. It is an alternative way of consuming cannabis sativa if the user does not want to smoke it. Since it has to be absorbed through the gut, it takes a longer time than smoking for its effects to be felt. However, the effects last longer than if it were smoked. Some of the effects of consuming these edibles are relaxation, euphoria, anxiety, fatigue, confusion, panic attacks and hallucination. 

The edibles can be consumed for either medical reasons or recreational purposes. These reasons of consumption influence the mode through which they are consumed a well as the amount. Medical consumption is usually regulated by a medical practitioner and is mostly for pain relief. Recreational use on the other hand is mainly to produce a high feeling to the user just as any other addictive substance. Whatever the reason for consumption, it is important that the user knows how to consume edibles safely dank schrader

Some of the factors to be considered when one wants to consume edibles safely are outlined below. 


The amount of edibles consumed is an important factor to consider. As stated above, edibles take longer to affect the user. The consumer may be tempted to continue with the consumption in an attempt to realize the effect. He may therefore end up overdosed. 

Medical consumption should always be guided by a doctor. The medical practitioner should be the one to give the exact amounts to be consumed. Recreational weed consumption can however be regulated by the user himself. Different people need different amounts to experience the effects and the consumer should know his body. This can be deduced from past experience or trial and error in case of a new consumer. 

The type of edibles will also influence the amount. Drink edibles take a shorter time to enter the bloodstream and ultimately for the effects to be felt as compared to solid edibles which have to be digested first. 

Right environment 

The effects of edible consumption may demand that the environment be safe for the consumer. Medical consumption should always be done under the supervision of a medical doctor. Recreational use demands that the user be in a relaxed environment. He should be with familiar people in case he experiences adverse effects.  

 The most ideal environment is one’s home since he is familiar with the environment and can move around easily. One should also not attempt to drive or operate any machine since the probability of causing an accident is so high. 

Eat first 

Edibles are known to have stronger effects when taken on an empty stomach. This may be detrimental as the user may end up having overwhelming effects. It is therefore imperative that he eats first to put these effects in check. 

Safety should be the ultimate consideration for any edible consumption. it should therefore be done only after the above guidelines are considered. This will ensure that there are never any cases of casualties caused by edible consumption.